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The Demolished Man

by Alfred Bester

Cover artist: Stanley Meltzoff

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

The prize-winning novel of a 24th century man who dares to commit murder in a crime-proof society

Back cover text

The police are trained to read minds. Crime us unknown, escape impossible. But one man dares to match wits with the law ... to commit a murder so perfect, so startling, that it defies detection.

"This terrifically exciting novel is just about the best ever written...."
— Chicago Tribune

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Interior text

Crime in the 24th Century

Ben Reich, owner of the most powerful business in the solar system, plans and executes a fantastic crime in order to save himself from ruin. In his ruthless struggle to escape the consequences, he encounters a formidable opponent — Lincoln Powell, a mind-reading detective.

Powell is in love with a girl whom Reich has hurt. He is determined, at all costs, to get revenge. He will stop at nothing to prove Reich's guilt.

Here is a thrilling novel of a fantastic manhunt in the 24th century and a killer who tries to outwit a fool-proof interplanetary police force.