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The Thief of Thoth/...And Others Shall be Born

by Lin Carter and Frank Belknap Long

Cover artist: Jerome Podwil

Publisher: Belmont

Pub year: 1968

Cover price: 50¢


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Book detail for The Thief of Thoth/...And Others Shall be Born

Cover tagline

Does crime pay — if a galaxy is the prize?

Not quite human ... not quite alien — but inexplicably dangerous.

Back cover text

What mysterious power emanated from the bejeweled crown of stars that rulers of three planets frantically sought its possession?

The portals of the unknown had opened wide, then had closed, leaving a horror of monstrous proportions.

The figure's eyes seemed lidless and sheathed with a thin film like a snake. But they were so penetratingly malignant that they pierced deep into the man's brain, mercilessly exploring all that was there — laying his thought bare like a visual scalpel that made him scream every time it was moved.

It was not human.

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Interior text

He picked up a metallic cylinder, near the place where the dead body lay. A shock went through him. Completely through. It was so severe a shock that it sent him staggering backward.

He recovered his balance quickly enough but a wave of panic swept over him when he discovered that he was unable to release his grip on the cylinder and that it had begun to vibrate. It was unmistakably moving between his fingers with small, erratic jerks, and just as unmistakably drawing him forward.

He was unable to resist the tugging, and the harder he struggled to move in the opposite direction the more irresistible the tugging became.

It seemed more than just a physical force emanating from the cylinder. A terrifying kind of paralysis seemed to be creeping over his mind as well, sapping his will, making it impossible for him to go or do as he wanted.