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Ladies' Day/This Crowded Earth

by Robert Bloch

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Belmont

Pub year: 1968

Cover price: 60¢


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Cover tagline

The frighteningly possible future world as seen through the strange and demonic imagination of Robert Bloch

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Amnesia imprisoned his mind
Horror clutched his emotions
when he discovered the world was 160 years older — but he wasn't.

The year 2121 found life changed drastically, due to man made catastrophes. Man made? No, man destroyed! And strangely, women were ... different.


Seven years of being the ideal man as far as the new society was concerned got him nothing but the promise of present and future frustration. Seven seconds of madness, of attempted self-destruction, brought him — to near paradise. As a reward for bucking the system, the system itself has provided him with a life of luxury and leisure in a world where neither was thought to exist. Why?

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Interior text

He noted that the distant door was opening, and he sighted through the 'scope and brought his hand up along the barrel to the trigger. He could see the two men emerging, and the shorter, plumper of the two was Leffingwell. He squinted at the high forehead with its receding hairline; it was a perfect target. He could visualize the way the black hole would appear in the center of that forehead, while behind it would be the torn and dripping redness flecked with gray —

"what are you doing?"

Harry whirled, staring; staring down at the infant who stood smiling beside him. It was an infant, that was obvious enough, and implicit in the diminutive stature, the delicate limbs and the oversized head. But infants do not wear the clothing of preadolescent boys, they do not enunciate with clarity, they do not stare coolly and knowingly at their elders. They do not say, "Why do you want to harm Dr. Leffingwell?"

Harry gazed into the wide eyes. He couldn't speak.