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A Brand New World

by Ray Cummings

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

An inhabited planet joins the Solar System

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A Brand New World

The new planet came out of the infinite deeps of interstellar space, moved in towards the sun like a comet, and stayed — a new member of the Solar System, between Earth and Venus. Xenephrene it was named and it made a pretty vision in the evening sky ... until other things began to appear in the heavens. Flying things, strange visitants, mysterious lights — and people knew that they were no longer alone. Xenephrene was inhabited, and its inhabitants were discovering the Earth.

But were they coming as friends or as invaders? For trade or for conquest? Ray Cummings' novel of A BRAND NEW WORLD is a gripping classic of the science imagination.

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Interior text

Invasion from a wandering world

The coming of the planet Xenephrene to the solar system had caused complete chaos on Earth, as the world's axis was shifted by the powerful new gravitational effects from the strange planet. The entire Northern Hemisphere became uninhabitable, and Earth's population and governments were forced to evacuate hurriedly to South America, Africa and Australia. Panic and riots broke out, and the world's overburdened governments were powerless to control them.

That was the situation when the first spaceship from Xenephene landed on Earth and threw up a red barrage so deadly that Earth's most powerful weapons were annihilated on contact.

Then came a second visitor from the mysterious planet: a beautiful young girl with silver hair and innocent dark eyes, who brought a warning and an appeal from the people of her world.