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He Owned the World

by Charles Eric Maine

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

He died and lived again to find He Owned the World

Back cover text

8000 years ago he'd died...

Eighty centuries of war and massive destruction, and peace and war again; centuries in which the earth was ravaged and mankind forced to leave the once green hills and fields to burrow, mole-like, away from the deadly radiation that was the atom's legacy.

Centuries, too, in which man gained firm footholds in space and victories over disease and age and, finally, death itself.

Eighty centuries of undreamed-of progress and unspeakable violence, while Robert Carson, earth's first sacrifice to space, circled the heavens in his airless tomb.

Now, suddenly, he was alive again, resurrected from the dead and dreamless centuries by a miracle of science, thrust into the middle of the greatest conflict in mankind's history.

And Robert Carson, eight thousand years a corpse, was the undisputed owner of the world!

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Interior text

WANDERER II, the first manned rocket to circle the moon, had gone off course. In the control cabin Robert Carson, knowing hope was gone, listened to the last radio message from home:

"Base HG to Wanderer II: Sorry Carson. We all did our best. Sympathy of entire world with you. History will remember..."

For seventeen days, as the rocket followed its along elliptical orbit beyond the sun and the air supply diminished, Robert Carson talked into a tape recorder as though clutching at immortality. Then he opened the valves of the control cabin and allowed air to scream out into the vacuum of space. After a brief but violent struggle, he died...

But the world did not forget its first space hero, and down through the long centuries the memory of Robert Carson was all that saved the earth from suicide.

Until at last the Wanderer II came home, and Robert Carson rose from death to claim his legacy...