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The Lost World

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Cover artist: Tom Beecham

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A fantastic expedition back to the dawn of time

Back cover text

Dinosaurs ... flying monsters ... sub-human ape-men....

There was a brushlike growth upon the branch up which I was climbing. I leaned around it in order to see what was beyond and nearly fell out of the tree in horror. A face was looking into mine! The eyes were bestial and ferocious, and as the creature opened its mouth to snarl I saw sharp, curved teeth. It was a human face — far more human than any monkey's I had ever seen!

Four white men, beset by danger from all sides, were ascending the unexplored headwaters of the Amazon. Deep in the heart of the jungle they found a prehistoric inferno. It was THE LOST WORLD, strange and frightening, filled with all the fury of the bloodiest, weirdest era the earth ever knew.

Now a thrilling motion picture starring Claude Rains, Michael Rennie, Fernando Lamas, and Jill St. John. An Irwin Allen Production in CinemaScope and Color Deluxe. Released through Twentieth Century-Fox.

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Interior text

We looked over the rim of the pit. It was a weird place — a rookery of birdlike reptiles, an inhuman, staggering sight. More than a thousand of these flying monsters perched there, huge membranous wings folded like hideous shawls.

Suddenly the nearest male saw us and gave a shrill cry as it soared into the air. Hundreds of the creatures followed, wheeling round and round us in an ever-narrowing circle.

The moment we attempted to retreat they closed in. We beat at them with our guns, but there was nothing solid to strike. Then suddenly a long neck shot out and a fierce beak made a thrust at us. Another and another followed. I felt a prod at the back of my neck and looked up into a wide-opened beak and bloodshot eyes, like some awful devil. Then I was struck from behind again and felt the blood streaming forth as I mercifully fell to the ground....