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When Worlds Collide

by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer

Cover artist: Vincent Di Fate

Publisher: Warner

Pub year: 1975

Cover price: $1.25


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Cover tagline

America's most famous science fiction classic that ranks with 1984 and Brave New World

Back cover text

"All who are to leave the Earth forever, board the space ship!"

Two outlaw planets were hurtling through outer space on a direct collision course toward Earth. In secret, a few great scientists began to build rocket ships to evacuate the chosen few — the most brilliant and biologically useful — to a distant planet where the human race could start anew.

But the secret leaked and it touched off a savage struggle among the world's most powerful men for the million-to-one chance of survival...

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Interior text

Memo To: Candidates for Planet Beta B
From: The Selection Committee
Subject: Women

The women will be chosen for one purpose only: to breed a new generation in the new world.

They will mate with whomever is chosen for them, based on whom we believe can best insure the strongest and most intelligent children for the new planet, and to establish a new generation of the greatest possible variety from the few individuals we hope to land safely.

Love and marriage are Earth concepts and will be tabu once the Chosen Ones are on Beta B.

That was the edict — take it or leave it. But if they left it, so would they leave their lovers and, indeed, their lives....