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World Without Stars

by Poul Anderson

Cover artist: Kelly Freas

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1966

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

Marooned between galaxies

Back cover text

World Without Stars

When the starship Meteor crash-landed on a strange world orbiting a solitary sun in the vast darkness outside the galaxy, her crew of Earthmen had no idea of what to expect. The planet was Earthlike in gravity, air, animal and vegetable life — but what of the native races they glimpsed from a distance?

What kind of culture would evolve on a planet whose sky was dominated by the glow of an entire galaxy — and with no other stars save its own dim sun? What kind of gods would they worship?

The Earthmen had to find the astounding answers to these questions on a planet split by a world-wide war.

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Interior text

Spacewreck beyond the stars

Stranded on a far-flung planet in the dark space between galaxies, the Earthmen had little hope for survival. The ship and its communications system were wrecked, and now that the twilight planet's inhabitants had discovered the Earthmen's blasphemous presence — they were as good as doomed.

For the dread Ai Chun would not believe the Earthmen's story: that they came by starship from another world countless light-years away.

This was not possible, the ancient Ai Chun insisted, for their planet was the only world: the world created by themselves, the omnipotent god race of the universe. How could the Earthmen hope to challenge a race of gods...? Moreover, a race of gods who could and would enslave them ... and destroy their minds in the process.