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Worlds Apart

by J.T. McIntosh

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1954

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

The conflict of two planets and two generations...

Back cover text

had never seen Earth — and he never would. For all that was left of Earth was an atomic funeral pyre in the sky.

was a leader of the new generation of humans who were born and raised on Mundis, the distant planet circling Brinsen's Star and to which the last survivors of Earth had escaped in a 17-year journey through space.

and his disciples were strongly opposed to the way things were being run on Mundis by their elders. There were too many Dos and too many DON'Ts. Finally, in desperation, Rog established a separate colony — and it seemed as though the conflicts which had brought Earth its doom were destined to haunt mankind even in this remote solar system.

a new danger appeared — invasion by a band of interplanetary despots who wanted to make Mundis their first conquest on the path to Galactic Empire. Faced by this common peril, the Mundians were forced to unite in a desperate, last-ditch struggle to save humanity.

Here is a mature science-fiction novel of human conflict in outer-space — with the fate of the entire Universe at stake!

"Top-drawer science fiction"
Norfolk (Va.) Pilot

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Interior text

"A highly imaginative science fiction thriller ... Four star rating."
Boston Traveler

"Mr. McIntosh has worked out with beautifully convincing detail the sociological and cultural developments of his colony in space, and its conflict with a later shipload of desperate authoritarians."
N.Y. Herald Tribune

"Thought-provoking as well as entertaining."
South Bend Tribune