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The 1977 Annual World's Best SF

Edited by Donald A. Wollheim

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: DAW

Pub year: 1977

Cover price: $1.75


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Cover tagline

The ten best of the year including: Isaac Asimov, James Tiptree, Jr., Brian Aldiss, Joanna Russ, Michael G. Coney and others

Back cover text

"Another worthy tradition: Donald A. Wollheim's annual best-of-the-year anthology ... always dependable."

So say the Chicago Daily News and the Miami News.

Of last year's Annual, the American Library Association Booklist wrote:

"The always reliable Wollheim has assembled his most satisfying collection in these ten stories ... solid professional stories as expected from a veteran editor and publisher who puts reader entertainment first."

And the Canadian SF expert Don Hutchinson wrote:

"The DAW anthologies are always mercifully free of the wearisome stuff written by people out to score literary points at the expense of intelligibility ... Wollheim edits with the reader in mind."

The 1977 Annual World's Best SF continues the tradition of selecting the authentic best ten science fiction stories of the year. You can rely on this one.

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Interior text

First and Foremost

"Donald A. Wollheim was first in the field and he still manages to beat his competitors to the draw each year. As usual, his pick of the best makes for a satisfying anthology."

So wrote one reviewer and in very similar words so wrote dozens of other reviewers in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

The 1977 Annual upholds their confidence.

Here are the stories that will spark the imagination as no others ... tales that span all space and all time, by:
Brian W. Aldiss
Barrington J. Bayley
Lester del Rey
John Varley
Isaac Asimov
and more....