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The Enemy Stars

by Poul Anderson

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A journey across the sea of space

Back cover text

Journey to the Ends of Space

They built a ship called the Southern Cross and launched her to Alpha Crucis. Centuries passed, civilizations rose and fell, the very races of mankind changed, and still the ship fell on her headlong journey toward the distant star.

After ten generations the Southern Cross was the farthest thing from earth of any human work — but she was still not halfway to her goal.

Here is an absorbingly exciting tale of the far future and of the men and women who take part in one of mankind's most thrilling adventures.

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Interior text

Four men made up the crew of the Southern Cross as it neared its final destiny: the wealthy and intellectual physicist, Terangi Maclaren; the gentle pilot, Nakamura; Dave Ryerson, the timid son of a space-faring father; and the rebellious colonist, engineer Chang Sverdlov.

When the Southern Cross burns out its drive farther from earth than any man had ever ventured before, the lives of all four hang on the small chance of effecting repairs in space. It is soon evident that not all four can expect rescue....