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Men Against The Stars

Edited by Martin Greenberg

Cover artist: Mel Hunter

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

The conquest of space — nine fantastic science-fiction adventures from the outstanding anthology Men Against the Stars

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Courageous men forging into unknown worlds — worlds of absolute silence — worlds ruled by strange women — worlds where lethal glass crystals terrorize all life — all this and other science-fiction worlds dramatized by the most exciting fantasy writers of our time.

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Interior text

In Ship Number Fifty-One, halfway from Moon to Mars, the skipper, the rocketman, the navigator and the spacehand turned to grin at each other as the pounding roar of the rockets died away at last.

"So far so good,"said the skipper grimly. "We've reached speed. But the fuel may decide to go any minute. And that'll be that."

Even as he spoke, the fuel — a frightful, unstable solution of atomic hydrogen — fizzled out. For an instant a warm, ruby glow, sprinkled with stars of incandescent metal, blossomed in space. Four men, the flimsy metal shell, the hopes, determination and courage that sought to conquer the stars, all were gone.

The lure of unknown worlds — the horrors and ordeals, the risks and the fears, and the reward that makes everything else insignificant — man's conquest of space....