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Now & Beyond

by various

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Belmont

Pub year: 1965

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Eight great science fiction adventures

Back cover text

Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday

Science Fiction fans and readers are in for a treat with these eight stories by the masters of the art.

Each is totally different, yet all share the same point of view — questioning, wondering, seeking...

But sometimes one asks too many questions — or the wrong ones — and is drawn into the vortex of the outer world where sanity is the most precious and often elusive thing left...

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Interior text

Carlow landed his ship successfully on Mars — he was the first to reach the angry planet!

Knock, knock!

But all had not gone as planned. The veteran advisors on Earth had no cause to expect what was taking place now as Carlow sat alone inside the ship.

Knock, knock!

The one thing not provided was a safe way of answering the door when somebody — or something — knocks. What's the answer to that? Open the door and take a chance, or stay in and sit tight — perhaps forever.

Knock, knock!

The planet outside the ship was barren; nothing stirred in the vast desert where there was no hand, but —

Knock, knock!