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Sometime, Never

by various

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 50¢


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Three outstanding tales by William Golding author of Lord of the Flies, John Wyndham author of Day of the Triffids, Mervyn Peake author of Titus Groan

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About this Book...

" of the best science fiction books of 1957..."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Season's best science-fantasy.... Any one of these required more imagination and literary skill than most of the so-called straight novels published this season."
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph

"Three curious, powerful stories, each with intense meaning..."
Los Angeles Times

"The last two parts of the book are hard to forget — and the first is pure joy."
Astounding Science Fiction

"A volume of imaginative fiction as unclassifiable as it is rewarding ... all are admirably conceived and written ... special credit to Peake for having, quite flatly, created a masterpiece."
Fantasy & Science Fiction

"A volume of literate and spirited imaginative fiction."
Herald Tribune

"...a bizarre and entertaining triptych..."
New York Times

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With the publication of "Lord of the Flies,"William Golding was recognized in England as a major novelist. Similar acclaim and recognition have followed publication of this novel in the U.S., and there is now a second novel, "Pincher Martin,"available for U.S. Readers who are rapidly developing what might be called a Golding cult.

The listings of his world, however, do not mention Golding's novelette, ENVOY EXTRAORDINARY, which if one of the three in this volume and which represents the first publication of this astonishingly varied author in America. This short work has been described as follows:

By Kenneth Young: "probably the most remarkable piece of prose fiction of the year."

By C.M. Kornbluth: "Envoy Extraordinary is at least five simultaneously told tales ... The Emperor's inspection of the troops is one of the funniest things I've ever read."

By Arthur C. Clarke: "My favorite is the Golding. I don't think anyone has ever handled this theme with the wit and style shown here. It is civilized and urbane — rare characteristics in any writing nowadays."

The New York Times: "Hilarious ... a very funny story. A real departure from the bitter man-against-nature approach in Mr. Golding's novels."

And this represents one third of a trio about which Groff Conklin has said: "What a really off-beat collection SOMETIME, NEVER is! Each of the three works is written with the kind of individuality which makes for unforgettability. There's not a humdrum idea in the book — not a dull moment!"