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The Unexpected

Edited by Leo Margulies

Cover artist: John Schoenherr

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1961

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

The hair-raising, uncanny, nightmarish world of The Unexpected

Back cover text

Menace Anyone?

If you've ever wondered what hobbies an undertaker has ... who answers the Lonely Hearts ads ... what it could cost to become the richest man in the world ... just what secrets a child and his teddy bear share ... what a mad scientist is really like ... this collection has the unexpected answers — in eleven cheerful or chilling fantasies by masters of the supernatural shocker.

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Interior text

Here's monsters and hexes, grim demons and gay,
And fiends of both sexes at horrible play;
Some light-hearted terrors, and midnight-black jokes;
A sorcerer's errors, and nightmarish croaks;
Some cheerful, some scary, these stories we've collected —
But reader be wary ... they're all UNEXPECTED!

In these eleven stories of the supernatural, the top imaginative writers of our day serve up a spine-tingling feast of gooseflesh and laughter, of grim humor ... and grimmer horror.