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Masters of Time

by A.E. Van Vogt

Cover artist: Jack Faragasso

Publisher: MacFadden

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 60¢


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Cover tagline

The aliens could trap the wariest humans. Too late they learned they had been recruited to destroy Earth.

Back cover text

Two People Alone Against All The Forces Of The Ages

Norma was a helpless victim of the masters of time: Jack, who loved her, went willingly into slavery, hoping o find a way to release her from bondage. Both of them should have been destroyed, yet somehow, gaining strength from each other, they managed to retain some measure of their free will.

But was it enough to save both of them — and, more important, to save Earth from the monstrous fate that the masters of time had decreed for it?

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Interior text

ETERNAL YOUTH — The Lure No Woman Could Resist

Norma has been a failure, aging and discouraged. Now she was a slave to the masters of time, who could make her older or younger at will. If she obeyed them she would regain the lost years, the lost hope of marrying the man she had once loved.

It was a powerful temptation — but not strong enough. No matter what they threatened or promised, Norma couldn't bring herself to do willingly what they wanted her to do — recruit men to become robotlike fighters in a war to destroy the Earth.