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The Weapon Shops of Isher

by A.E. Van Vogt

Cover artist: Gerry Daly

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pub year: 1977

Cover price: $1.95


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Cover tagline

The classic novel from science fiction's Golden Age

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The Weapon Shops of Isher

The right to bear arms is the right to be free!

In the year 4785 tremendous knowledge has enabled Empress Innelda of Isher to rule the entire universe. Only one institution obstructs her total control — the Weapon Shops. The Shops arm and defend the free people against their willful ruler, but her scientists have devised formidable weaponry to answer the threat to her rule.

The Shops are just about to crumble when a visitor arrives ... a man from the twentieth century, thrown across a vast time-warp, a man in possession of a force capable of total destruction ... a force that could forge the chains of universal tyranny — or break them.

An astounding adventure hurls you through the same universe as Van Vogt's THE WEAPON MAKERS!

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Interior text


"Energy-charged?" said McAllister.

The girl was staring at him. "Don't you understand? You've come across seven thousand years of time. You're charged with trillions of trillions of time-energy units. If you should step outside this shop, you'd blow up Imperial City and half a hundred miles of land beyond.... You could conceivably destroy the Earth!"