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The Atlantic Abomination

by John Brunner

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Man, Meet Your Master

Back cover text

Part of an Ace Double: The Martin Missile

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Interior text

Awaken, Terror!

When the first expedition descended to the bottom of the Atlantic in a perfected high-pressure diving bell, their speculation ran wild as to the wonders they would encounter in that unknown sea-bottom world.

But their wildest dreams did not prepare them for uncovering first, the stones of an ancient civilization, and second, the monstrous body of an inhuman creature that had been sealed beneath the waters for countless eons.

Then, at the height of their excitement, elation turned to horror. For they had brought back an abomination so old that the memory of it had been lost to man's remotest ancestors. Ships were disappearing, men and women were becoming enslaved by invisible whips of mental mastery, and it began to look as if it might be beyond the powers even of modern science to stop something that had so successfully defied time and space.

Cast of Characters

Peter Trant
His greatest scientific discovery could well be mankind's last!

Dr. Gordon
This scientist knew that something which couldn't be proven was not necessarily untrue.

Luke Wallace
When he returned from the deep he was not dead — but he wasn't exactly alive either.

Mary Davis
Science had claimed the boy she loved, then robbed her of the man she married.

General Barghin
Though the war was a thing of the past, the general saved the world.

The Monster
To him a million years was but a day — and he thought it the same for humans.