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SF The Year's Greatest Science-Fiction and Fantasy

Edited by Judith Merril

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Dell

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Special section: science-fiction becomes science-fact — Sputnik and beyond

Back cover text

SF '57-'58 — the year science caught up with fiction

Sparkling, imaginative stories from sources as various as Playboy and Venture, Atlantic and If ...

Reports by leading authorities on the past, present and future of missiles, rockets, and satellites...

Stories and articles for the connoisseur of SF, as well as for those who come to it for the first time...

A novelette called "The Fly" — one of the great horror stories of this or any other year ... soon a great Twentieth Century-Fox picture in CinemaScope and color.

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Interior text

Here again are the year's best stories in the field of science-fiction and fantasy, including tales from old favorites and newcomers.

In addition, there is a special bonus — a selection of articles by recognized authorities explaining and predicting the events of the post-sputnik world.

Miss Judith Merril, for years acclaimed as the most imaginative and tasteful anthologist in the field, again supplies notes and comment.

SF '57-'58

The year science caught up with fiction