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The Swordsman of Mars

by Otis Adelbert Kline

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

He wore another man's body on the Red Planet

Back cover text

Galaxy Magazine called the author of this book "the only serious competitor of Edgar Rice Burroughs." If you have ever enjoyed the exploits of Tarzan, you will not want to miss The Swordsman of Mars.

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Interior text

Escape from the humdrum Earth with The Swordsman of Mars as Harry Thorne, American, pits himself against the best duelists and the most devilish monsters of the Red Planet in this action-packed book of adventure, romance, and derring-do on a fantastic world.

Frederik Pohl, reviewing The Swordsman of Mars by Otis Adelbert Kline in If Magazine, said: "It has exactly the merits of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books — excitement and a sure victory of good over evil..."