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Ten Years to Doomsday

by Chester Anderson and Michael Kurland

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

A space invasion — and one desperate chance for Earth to save itself

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The image in the battle cruiser's screens grew — and it was clear that this was a new kind of ship, a new race, the first new civilization the Federation had met in three hundred years. The crew's excitement mounted — the newcomers would be invited to join the Federation, the crew would all be heroes and be awarded enormous bonuses, and —

The stranger opened fire with an impressive battery of weapons; the cruiser's defenses cut in automatically, and in a few seconds the unidentified ship was nothing but an expanding cloud of radiant gases.

After a thousand years of peace in space, there was a war on. But who was the mysterious and deadly enemy?

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Interior text

Mysterious Invaders
were pushing in from the edge of the galaxy. Earth's war computers figured the enemy would be dangerously close in ten years — and that Earth would need fifteen to prepare the power to resist!

There was one chance for a desperate defense — and a secret mission to the "lost" world of Lyff was the key. That being the case, it was especially unfortunate that the first thing one of the Earthmen did was to murder a Lyffan in the street....