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Robots and Changelings

by Lester del Rey

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1957

Cover price: 35¢


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Eleven tales of fantasy and science fiction

Back cover text

The quality of life...

In machines, dogs, plants, elves, gods, devils, ghosts, spaceships, monsters and just plain people....

Lester del Rey is surely one of the most diversified writing talents in the field of fiction — science, fantasy, or otherwise. His brilliant "For I Am a Jealous People" (in #89 Star Short Novels) provoked wild plaudits and outraged declamations — in brief, controversy of the first order; his full-length novel "Nerves" left the denizens of an atom-powered world shaking with suspense (and his thinking for this one was done before World War II), and he is the author of dozens — probably hundreds — of short stories, novellas and articles which have made his name a byword in the field of imaginative writing.

And this is true because all his writing is alive.

From massive machines of the future to gentle magic of 'little people' of a by-gone day — from the humor of a disinherited god to the longings of a lost, but most unusual, dog — from the terrifying plants of Venus to the ghost of a small boy — all the characters created by Lester del Rey are real, all are vivid and moving. All are alive.

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Interior text

Eleven Tales

Of Fantasy—
To touch your heart, tickle your humor and chill your marrow—

Of Robotics—
To reach the mind in a time when man-made thinking machines took over and saved the world from itself, so that man could think harder than he ever had before—

Of Space—
To stimulate your speculation about the near future and excite your imagination about worlds and galaxies as yet unknown.