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Away and Beyond

by A.E. Van Vogt

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Avon

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Cover price: 25¢


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Through space and time to worlds of tomorrow!

Back cover text

"The creature crept ... A shapeless, formless thing yet changing shape and form with each jerky movement, it crept along the corridor of the space ship..."

So begins the VAULT OF THE BEAST, a brilliant story of the search for a Martian treasure and for control of a mathematical secret, the unbreakable time lock. And it is also the beginning of a superb collection by A.E. Van Vogt, transporting the reader from a super-secret weapon in Germany to future worlds in galactic space.

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Interior text

That superb story teller A.E. Van Vogt, gives you...

The Great Engine
A group of desperate men decide that the outer planets shall not inherit the bitterness of earth.

The Harmonizer
Eighty million years of history and a creature's struggle for survival in an alien world.

Heir Unapparent
In a future world, war is abolished but there is one all-powerful weapon and one man willing to use it.

The Film Library
It was a slight mix-up, but it momentarily upset the space structure of the universe.

These stories are only a part of the many fascinating tales AWAY AND BEYOND time and space, presented in this collection. In the words of the noted critic, Virginia Kirkus, these stories of men, machines and space "have variety and skilled know-how." And the New York Herald-Tribune calls them" ... fine representative specimens of Van Vogt's best work...."