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The Outer Reaches

Edited by August Derleth

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1951

Cover price: 35¢


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Science and the future

What wonders will the future bring to man? — what discoveries and advances will science make? These are the themes which are explored by the authors of the stories in this book.

Each one has been selected by its author as his own favorite story. Each story represents the single piece of writing which its creator prefers above all his other stories. This is a guarantee that here is the most highly unusual and entertaining collection of science fiction you will come across in a long time.

The editor, August Derleth, is considered one of the foremost authorities on science fiction in the United States today.

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Interior text

The outer reaches of space

In the outer reaches of space, which man is now striving to explore, he will very possibly meet such adventures and problems as are the subject matter of the stories in this book —

An inhabitant of Mars and his mate react in entirely different ways to the visit of a spaceship from earth.

A man seeking revenge on the girl who has rejected him stows away on the spaceship that is taking her away on her honeymoon.

A human and an alien learn the necessity of cooperation on a planet that is hostile to both of them.

A strange drug discovered on Pluto opens a window on the future for an overly-curious man.

These are but a few of the exciting stories and fascinating adventures to be found in this collection.