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Moon Base

by E.C. Tubb

Cover artist: Edward Valigursky

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

What alien mind was influencing them?

Back cover text

Felix Larsen had been sent to Luna Station One to investigate "something odd on the Moon." There was no proof, not even a concrete basis for suspicion, yet there was a feeling so wrong about the place that Security had hinted of traitors.

On the first day at the sealed station beneath the Moon's crust, Felix had become violently ill. He awoke from a drugged sleep with no memory of the intervening time lapse. Now he had to be doubly careful because his secret might be out, and somewhere in the station — or somewhere out there on the alien Moon itself — an unknown intelligence was waiting for the critical moment.

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Interior text

Crisis Beneath the Lunar Crust

There was no real justification for the room. It had been built to accommodate a window, nothing more, but it made the British bacteriological station unique on the Moon.

Felix Larsen, seeking something the station had failed to report to Earth, had found nothing concrete. What he had was a feeling, a feeling of something slightly off, something awry.

Felix felt it strongly in this room. He stood by the window, looking down at the Lunar vista outside, but his thoughts were elsewhere. He was thinking of a certain type of psychotic personality — a symptom of which was the need to look down from high places — a paranoid personality with delusions of grandeur, one of the most explosively dangerous forms of insanity known.

Cast of characters

Felix Larsen
He was experienced in dealing with aberrations of the human mind, but was it a human mind he was dealing with here?

Avril Simpson
Beautiful and vivacious, she fell in love with Felix very quickly. Perhaps too quickly.

Sir Ian Macdonald
The Director of the base resented having investigators here — especially right now.

Gloria Brittain
Behind the cool eyes of the lovely doctor, her mind was appraising Felix and his purpose.

General Klovis
When his men picked up strange transmissions on an unknown band from the British base, the U.S. general knew he'd have to find out what was behind them.

Shena Dawn
When a man tried to kill her, she laughed it off... after all, he hadn't succeeded, had he?