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STAR Science Fiction Stories No. 3

Edited by Frederik Pohl

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1954

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

10 Stories — all new — in Science Fiction's outstanding anthology series.

Back cover text

"Prime quality..."
— New York Times

"First rate...a bright fresh collection, lively in ideas and writing."
— New York Herald Tribune

With this third collection. STAR science fiction stories demonstrates once again the qualities that have made it the outstanding anthology series in its field.

— Writing charged with the excitement of new ideas, informed with knowledge of the discoveries that may soon change our lives.

— Freshness and originality that can be found only in a collection of all new stories, never before published here in either magazines or books.

The latest stories of recognized masters, the startling fiction of brilliant newcomers — they make their appearance in STAR science fiction stories, the showcase of science fiction at its best.

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Interior text

For hundreds of thousands of readers, STAR science fiction stories has come to mean the very best in stimulating and imaginative fiction. This book shows why.

Isaac Asimov depicts an electronic world where Nature is forgotten — until one day, quite by accident, a little boy strays outdoors...and the old, wild ways surge in.

Ray Bradbury tells of a family on Mars in a story that reaches into the past and the future to touch the deepest racial instincts behind the drive towards space.

Gerald Kersh asks for information concerning an army corporal who bears on his body the scars of a hundred wars — and in his blood the secret of immortality.

Richard Matheson explores the feverish lives of tomorrow's adolescents — when sex and speed mix at 130 m.p.h., and the big thrill sensation is the strange Dance of Death.

And other outstanding authors — Arthur C. Clarke, Lester del Rey, Chad Oliver among them — meet here in STAR science fiction stories no. 3 to bring you the sometimes shocking, sometimes amusing — always unexpected — experience of tomorrow.