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Red Alert

by Peter Bryant

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A novel of the first two hours of World War III

Back cover text

SAC Attack!

Every minute of every hour of every day, there are American bombers in the air, loaded with H-bombs, ready to fly into action at the mere spark of the right radio signal. These are the planes and men of the Strategic Air Command.

What happens once that signal flashes is described vividly in this tensely dramatic novel. The command came to the men of the 843rd Wing, high in the air near the Soviet border. Asking no questions, obeying their standing orders, they headed straight towards their assigned targets.

Had America already been attacked? Or was it the action of a single determined general, and unauthorized by the Pentagon and the president?

RED ALERT is the story of the two tensest hours in human history.

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Interior text

Two Hours to Doom

In the commander's office of the Sonora, Texas, Air Force Base, the red line telephone clamored loudly and imperatively. Major Howard stiffened as General Quinten reached for it, held the smooth red plastic to his ear, and listened for a few moments. His face was pale, his eyes haunted. He said, "Okay, I hear you. All right," and reached out to replace the receiver.

The general's hands were shaking badly and he had difficulty in getting the instrument back to its cradle. At once Howard knew that this was it. This time it was real. An attack on the United States was under way, and the bludgeon of massive retaliation was about to start its swing.

Quinten said quietly, "We're in a shooting war. Get the word out to the boys. Put the base on Warning Red conditions."

And that was the start of the most nightmarish two hours the world will ever know!

And it's also the start of the most feverishly suspenseful novel you'll ever read!