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Gray Lensman

by E.E. "Doc" Smith

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1965

Cover price: 60¢


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Cover tagline

Galactic Patrol agent Kim Kinnison takes on the deadliest enemy in space: the pirates of Boskone.

Back cover text

Space Duel to the Death

Somewhere among the galaxies was the stronghold of Boskone — a network of brilliant interplanetary criminals whose mania for conquest threatened the future of all known civilization.

But where? Boskonian bases dotted the universe — shielded by gigantic thought-screens that defied penetration. The best minds in the Galactic Patrol had tried. Now it was up to Lensman Kim Kinnison, using his fantastic mental powers to infiltrate the Boskonian strongholds, learn the location of the enemy's Grand Base — and smash it forever!

But Kinnison didn't know then that the power of Boskone reached further than anyone dreamed — into the Galactic Patrol itself!

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Interior text

Suicide in Space

The war vessel was in full view of the DAUNTLESS, a Boskonian in every line and member. "Fire!" Kinnison shot out the order. And then, incredibly, a wave of thought came beating into his brain. He had to leave the DAUNTLESS! It was most vital to get into that dimly seen companion craft without an instant's delay!

Even as his mind instinctively reared a barrier, blocking out the intruding thought, he recognized it for what it was — the summons of the Overlords!

Kinnison turned and whitened: his crew — officers and all — had thrown off their armor, discarded their weapons, and were rushing toward the lock....