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Children of the Lens

by E.E. "Doc" Smith

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1966

Cover price: 60¢


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Cover tagline

The war of the Universe — last of the famous Lensman series

Back cover text

It was beginning to look as if no one could prevent the destruction of the universe. For a strange intelligence was directing the destruction of all civilization from the icy depths of space.

Kim Kinnison of the Patrol was one of the few men who knew how near the end was. And in the last desperate plan to save all life, he knew he had to use his children as bait for the evil powers of the planet Ploor.

CHILDREN OF THE LENS is the sixth and concluding volume of Doc Smith's Lensman series — an epic which stands as one of the greatest classics of science-fiction.

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Interior text

The Tube of Death

The terminus of the Patrol's hyper-spatial tube erupted into space alongside the enemy planet. It would be in existence for exactly three seconds.

Through that tube was traveling the ultimate weapon — an utterly foreign planet with an absolutely impossible intrinsic velocity, whose kinetic energy could be measured only in infinities. But what would happen after it erupted into normal space no one, not even its brilliant creators, could predict with certainty.

All they knew was that if the weapon didn't totally destroy Ploor instantly, Earth's galaxy had exactly three seconds left to live....