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The Arsenal Out Of Time

by David McDaniel

Cover artist: Kelly Freas

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Somewheres [sic] among the farthest star was hidden the power to control the universe!

Back cover text

Back before mankind entered the realm of infinite space, back before Earth itself was anything but a primeval jungle, there were still stars that had inhabited planets and there had been a galactic civilization and an extra-galactic empire.

And when millions of years later men ventured among the stars they found only the faintest traces of this primal civilization — until the moment when a space map was found giving the coordinates of an unknown world that had been the arsenal of the unimaginably mighty weapons of that First Empire. Then the quest was on — for whoever located that treasure trove first could dictate his own terms to a thousand proud planets.

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Interior text

XXX marks the space hoard

Lawrence Edwards, astro-archaeologist, was studying a manuscript recently discovered in a derelict spaceship, when he found in its pages a reference to a fantastic cache of weapons that had been the glory of that forgotten race symbolically named XXX.

The XXX had been the masters of space and their inter-galactic civilization had pre-dated even Earth's prehistory. And yet, still safely locked away in the refrigerator of eternity, somewheres [sic] in infinite space, their arsenal remained and within it the secrets of life and death, survival and destruction.

It was up to Edwards to convince Earth's leaders that without this technological treasure trove their Terra would be wiped off the face of the cosmos by her bitter enemies, The Arsenal Out of Time might well be Earth's last chance.