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The Hidden Planet

Edited by Donald A. Wollheim

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Science-fiction adventures on Venus

Back cover text

Explorers of the mystery planet

The planet Venus is one of the greatest mysteries of the sky. The closest and brightest planet to Earth — the familiar Evening Star — a near-twin in size, no one has ever seen its surface! For it is eternally hidden in thick impenetrable clouds. Yet, if ever men go by rocket to any other world, it will be to THE HIDDEN PLANET first!

What would they find there? What strange creatures roam its surface? What unearthly intelligence rules beneath those clouds? Only the imaginative eye of science-fiction dares to guess.

In this new collection, five of the best writers present five exciting adventures on mysterious Venus. Here are two short novels and three long novelettes — each a terrific interplanetary adventure.

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Interior text

First on Venus!

The world of Venus may be THE HIDDEN PLANET to astronomers but it's no secret to the vivid imaginations of good science-fiction writers! Instead, it's the locale of as exciting and adventure-packed a group of stories as have ever been gathered in one book.

You'll read the short novel of the man who made Venus the breeding ground of his experiments with people, until the product proved too hot for Earth to handle. There's the story of the adventurer who probed too deeply beneath the depths of Venus's mighty ocean. There are the explorers who met the philosophical plants and the jungle travelers who found that what Venus had to offer made darkest Africa seem pale.

There's lots of exciting adventure on The Hidden Planet, such as only Chad Oliver, Leigh Brackett, Lester Del Rey, and the others can write.