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A Journey To The Center Of The Earth

by Jules Verne

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1956

Cover price: 45¢


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A New Modern Translation

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The masterpiece of the grand master of science fiction

Submarine voyages, aviation, space flight — all these predictions of the immortal Jules Verne have been or are being made realities, yet the theme of the book which has been declared his most thrilling masterpiece, the work which first brought him world fame, still surpasses in fiction the greatest efforts of science!

Yet as one of his modern bibliographers wrote, "There is nothing in all the daring visions of this tale which even today our scientists would declare impossible. The interior of the Earth is still unknown."

For many years this tremendously exciting adventure novel has been unavailable except in old, poorly translated versions. Ace Books now proudly present the first new Twentieth Century translation of a science-fiction classic no one who has ever read it can forget.

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Interior text

An epic science-fiction adventure

The interior of the Earth has always been a challenge to men beyond the scope of discovery and exploration ... or so it seemed until Axel Lidenbrock found an ancient Icelander's secret message which opened the way for those courageous enough to dare it.

Axel and two others took the challenge and followed the trackless passage down into the greatest unplumbed mystery of this planet. Their adventures, the fantastic discoveries they made, and the terrible problem of their return make a science-fiction epic never equaled, never imitated, and never to be forgotten.

Jules Verne's greatest masterpiece, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, is as fresh today as when it was first written — and this new Ace edition is the first to be available to the general public in many decades!