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Lest Earth Be Conquered

by Frank Belknap Long

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Belmont

Pub year: 1966

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

A small town, a husband and wife living a life like any other ... only they weren't human...

Back cover text

The Primitives

Anthropologists tell us that primitive man believed he could be in several places at the same time. He had no sense of time as we understand it, and could think of himself as living in the past and present simultaneously.
And the future...?

He was convinced, too, that he could, at the same time, be a human being and an animal; space and time held no restrictions for him.
And the future...?

Suppose it weren't just a primitive fantasy, suppose such powers were slumbering in some people and could be awakened.

The future is now....

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Interior text

Her eyes continued to widen until the rest of her face was a dwindling blur. Then I began to grow heavy, to sink down beneath the waves of reality foot by foot. I couldn't see her at all.

Then I did see her — but not as Bobby Jackson. I seemed to be on the opposite side of the kitchen, a foot from the door. My breath caught in my throat and I crouched lower and — Crouched! Suddenly I understood. The kitchen door had been left open and a cat had crept in and the cat was me! I had become, if only partly and in a nightmarishly split up way, Mrs. Parker's cat. I was close to the floor and creeping toward her like an animal. My movements were slow, ungainly, and there was a scraping sound as I advanced. But she wasn't even looking in my direction. All of her attention was centered on the boy by the table and that boy was no longer me!