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The Man Who Upset the Universe (Foundation and Empire)

by Isaac Asimov

Cover artist: Robert E. Schultz

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Isaac Asimov's greatest science-fiction novel

Back cover text

Was he merely inhuman — or truly super-human?

The Thousand-Year-Planners had it all nearly figured out. So many decades to set up their strongholds, so many centuries for the dying Galactic Empire to collapse, so many more years for it to be replaced by a new and better universal democracy. They thought they had the future all set.

And then came the man known as The Mule — a mutant genius, a cosmic Napoleon who upset all their calculations, outwitted all their fine maneuvers, and was hell bent to set up a new and tougher despotism on the still smoldering planets of the old.

The fate of humanity's next 30,000 years hung in the balance when the men and women of the Foundation faced

The Man Who Upset the Universe

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Interior text

Defeat at the very moment of cosmic victory!

Toran and Bayta were young and they had faith — faith in the laws of psycho-history and the great future it promised for them through The Foundation. Supported by their beliefs they daringly made plans to combat the desperate war thrust of the colossal Galactic Empire. And then suddenly they were confronted with an enemy they hadn't counted on, one even more powerful and dangerous that the Empire.

People called this new foeman the Mule. They said he was a mutant, but no one really knew because no one had ever seen him. But one thing was obvious — the laws and lessons of human psychology and history were useless in coping with this monster.

The story of how the Foundation's defenders met the challenge of this unprecedented onslaught is one of Isaac Asimov's greatest novels.