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Operation: Outer Space

by Murray Leinster

Cover artist: Robert E. Schultz

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1957

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A thrilling Tale of a Space Ship's Voyage to the Moon — And Beyond!

Back cover text

Trip to the Stars

The Earth was overcrowded...

A journey to the Moon was an everyday occurrence...But a televised safari into Outer Space made history!

In this thrill-packed science fiction novel, a U.S. public relations man — a future day Columbus — leads an exploration into the galaxy — and returns to tell what happened!

"Murray Leinster has always been a favorite of ours in the science-fiction field because his characters are believable, his dialogue excellent and his story-telling ability makes incredible events exciting."
— San Francisco News

" entirely new look at faster-than-light travel to the stars: a fast-paced, sardonic job..."
— Galaxy Science Fiction

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Interior text

Other Worlds

Thrill-packed, and ingenious, this is a wonderful story of tomorrow — about a high-powered television producer whose journey to the moon on a public relations job ended in a trip to outer space!

Jed Cochrane was furious when he got thirty minutes' notice to board a space ship on a mysterious mission. He was even angrier when it turned out that he was to get publicity for a seemingly worthless scientific discovery of the neurotic son-in-law of his boss. But Jed, the cynical impresario, became entangled in man's greatest new discovery — an interstellar craft which could travel faster than light — carrying him and a load of sane and insane characters to a planet outside the Earth's solar system.

Here is an absorbing tale which projects the reader into a suspenseful future, on an exciting journey into space and unique and dangerous adventures with other creatures and other stellar worlds.