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The Tomorrow People

by Judith Merril

Cover artist: Robert E. Schultz

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

He came back from Mars — with a secret too terrible to remember

Back cover text

There was something on Mars that killed people

One expedition vanished without a trace. Out of another, only one man came back. That was Johnny Wendt — the only man who had seen Mars and lived. His knowledge could be decisive in the desperate East-West race for Space. But Johnny didn't know what it was that made Mars a death-trap...

...and he didn't know that he'd brought it back with him!

Judith Merril's anthologies and short stories have won her a unique place in science-fiction. Now, in her second full-length novel, she has turned in a top-flight dramatic narrative of the near future.

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Interior text


Johnny Wendt: the world's first Space hero — until he became an alcoholic drifter.

Lisa Trovi: she gave up a career to salvage Johnny, then she went to the Moon to help him — but found something there more important than love.

Phil Kutler: his job was to find out what Space had done to Johnny — and see that it didn't happen to the next Spacemen.

Congressman McLafferty: he was out to grab the Space program for himself — and his dreadfully effective weapons were headlines.