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Sands of Mars

by Arthur C. Clarke

Cover artist: Robert E. Schultz

Publisher: Perma

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

An interplanetary adventure

Back cover text

"This is what Science Fiction can do when a real writer who is also a real scientist gets hold of it!"
— Saturday Review of Literature

The Earth colony on Mars was ten years old, and never in the history of mankind had the struggle for existence been so cruel. The atmosphere was unfit to breathe. Every drop of water might be the last. The entire colony lived in constant danger of extinction.

The time came when the struggle seemed lost, the Earthmen doomed to defeat.

Then a discovery was made. A group of Martians were living in a remote corner of the planet, remnants of a once bountiful civilization. Somehow they had managed to survive.

But how? Would they be friendly? And could the colonists from Earth find their secret of survival?

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Interior text

What is Mars really like?

Sometime, perhaps much sooner than we think, Man will reach Mars. What we will find there is one of the most important and most fascinating questions of all time, and probably no one is better equipped to provide some straightforward, scientific answers than Arthur C. Clarke, well-known physicist, author and former chairman of the British Interplanetary Society.

Combining his talents as scientist and novelist, Mr. Clarke has written a thrilling, authentic novel about the conquest of space and what it will mean to Man. No one can read this book without remembering that what is science fiction today may well be scientific fact tomorrow.