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The Coming of the Robots

Edited by Sam Moskowitz

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Collier

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 95¢


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In the future man's best friend may be a robot!

Not all robots in fiction are hostile to man. Many, like the ones in these stories, make life easier for man and — in their contact with human society — become "humanized."

For example, the hunted Adam Link in "I, Robot" proves himself noble and self-sacrificing. The robot-surgeon in "Rex" fails in a bold, misguided scheme because he develops human emotions. Ronald. The odd-ball in the prize-winning story "Misfit," finds that he can't conform to the behavior of his fellow robots. And the romantic female robot in "Helen O'Loy" even falls in love with her master.

These are some of the mechanical "heroes" and "heroines" you'll meet in this spellbinding collection of modern robot stories. All are, first and foremost, entertaining, and all hold up a mirror to man and his behavior.

Sam Moskowitz is a science fiction connoisseur whose own stories have been published in every leading magazine in the field. Mr. Moskowitz's anthology of tales about interplanetary adventures, Exploring Other Worlds, is another Collier Books original.

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