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Forbidden Planet

by W.J. Stuart

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Paperback Library

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Fantastic adventure on the year 2371 A.D. with an astonishing psychological twist

Back cover text

Mad Dr. Morbius had a lust for power that extended far beyond the weird world of Altair 4 — the Forbidden Planet

Soon after landing on Altair 4, Commander Adams and the crew of Spaceship C-57-D are confronted by Dr. Morbius, a strange scientist who plots to become Master of the Universe.

Morbius warns the earthlings to leave at once — or be destroyed by his Invisible Force. Commander Adams and his Spacemen choose to stay in a desperate attempt to stop Morbius. Despite terrifying attacks on their spaceship, they race against time in an unbelievable search for the key that would unlock the mad doctor's secret.

Their fantastic battle against incredible dangers makes FORBIDDEN PLANET a unique, unforgettable science-fiction shocker.

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Interior text

Power-mad Dr. Morbius must be stopped before he enslaves the world!

Commander Adams and the crew of Spaceship C-57-D land on Altair 4, the forbidden planet, where they hope to find the survivors of a previous expedition. But the only one they find is Dr. Morbius, a scientist with a deadly plan to take over the universe. Dr. Morbius warns the earthlings to leave at once.

But Commander Adams and his crew stay — despite the terrifying attacks on their spaceship. For they know that theirs is the last chance to stop madman from becoming Master of the Universe.