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  The 1,000-Year Plan (Foundation)   Isaac Asimov   Ace   1955   BUY
  The 13th Immortal   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1957   BUY
  5 Galaxy Short Novels   H.L. Gold   Perma   1960   BUY
  Adventures in the Far Future   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1954   BUY
  Adventures on Other Planets   Donald A. Wollheim   Ace   1955   BUY
  Battle on Venus   William F. Temple   Ace   1963   BUY
  The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction Sixth Series   Anthony Boucher   Ace   1957   BUY
  The Changeling Worlds   Kenneth Bulmer   Ace   1959   BUY
  City   Clifford D. Simak   Ace   1952   BUY
  Collision Course   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1961   BUY
  Conquest of the Space Sea   Robert Moore Williams   Ace   1955   BUY
  Contraband Rocket   Lee Correy   Ace   1956   BUY
  The Cosmic Computer (Junkyard Planet)   H. Beam Piper   Ace   1963   BUY
  Crashing Suns   Edmond Hamilton   Ace   1965   BUY
  Doomsday, 1999   Paul MacTyre   Ace   1962   BUY
  The Earth Gods Are Coming   Kenneth Bulmer   Ace   1960   BUY
  Empire of the Atom   A.E. Van Vogt   Ace   1957   BUY
  The Five Gold Bands   Jack Vance   Ace   1963   BUY
  Key Out Of Time   Andre Norton   Ace   1966   BUY
  The Ladder in the Sky   Keith Woodcott   Ace   1962   BUY
  Life with Lancelot   John T. Phillifent   Ace   1973   BUY
  Lost in Space   George O. Smith   Ace   1960   BUY
  The Lunar Eye   Robert Moore Williams   Ace   1964   BUY
  The Martin Missile   David Grinnell   Ace   1960   BUY
  Mayday Orbit   Poul Anderson   Ace   1961   BUY
  Moon Base   E.C. Tubb   Ace   1964   BUY
  The Mutant Weapon   Murray Leinster   Ace   1959   BUY
  One in 300   J.T. McIntosh   Ace   1954   BUY
  Plague Ship   Andre Norton   Ace   1964   BUY
  Plague Ship   Andre Norton   Ace   1959   BUY
  The Plot Against Earth   Calvin M. Knox   Ace   1959   BUY
  The Prodigal Sun   Philip E. High   Ace   1964   BUY
  The Rim of Space   A. Bertram Chandler   Ace   1961   BUY
  The Secret Martians   Jack Sharkey   Ace   1960   BUY
  Secret of the Lost Race   Andre Norton   Ace   1959   BUY
  The Seed of Earth   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1962   BUY
  The Ship from Outside   A. Bertram Chandler   Ace   1963   BUY
  Sinister Barrier   Eric Frank Russell   Paperback Library   1966   BUY
  The Sioux Spaceman   Andre Norton   Ace   1960   BUY
  The Solarians   Norman Spinrad   Paperback Library   1966   BUY
  Starhaven   Robert Silverberg   Ace   1958   BUY
  The Stars Are Ours   Andre Norton   Ace   1954   BUY
  The Super Barbarians   John Brunner   Ace   1962   BUY
  Un-Man and Other Novellas   Poul Anderson   Ace   1962   BUY
  Worlds of the Imperium   Keith Laumer   Ace   1962   BUY

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